HMHB Delivery Driver Manual

Delivery Day

Our delivery team meets at 10:30AM in the Kukui Center parking lot at 245 N Kukui St. Healthy Mother's Healthy Babies staff members will assist you in loading up your vehicle. Once you're loaded up, you can open your Onfleet app and hold to start your first delivery task!

Our drivers are supported by a Dispatcher (typically Landon or Brett) located at a computer, who can see the location and status of all drivers, and help solve any problems you encounter. Your dispatcher will begin a group chat inside the Onfleet app which you can use to ask questions. You can also call the Dispatcher if that's easier/safer.

Frozen meals

Sometimes our deliveries include frozen foods, which will be provided in freezer bags. Please make sure to remove the frozen food from the bag! 

If can, please return the freezer bags to the HMHB office in suite #102A at the Kukui Center after your deliveries are completed. If you cannot return the bags on delivery day, you can also drop them off at the office the following week. Please call or text Sunny, Vivian or Princess to let them know when you’re coming by. 


Landon: (808) 428-1019
Brett: (816) 679-6674
Princess: (808) 636-7820
Sunny: (949) 302-6920
Vivian Choy: (808) 429-0933
Mikey: (808) 225-8582

Gas Costs

If you would like or are in need of financial support in the form of a gas card, please let Brett, Landon or Mikey know and we will be happy to accommodate! We try to ask on delivery days who could use help with gas, but if you let us know ahead of time we will make sure you get taken care of

Basic Instructions

  • Drivers are assigned Tasks by the Dispatcher
  • Driver holds button to start their first Task
    • When this happens, the recipient is automatically sent a text message telling them you’re on their way and an ETA1
  • Driver is dropped into Google Maps and navigated to the location
  • When the driver arrives
    • Check the Notes for any information about parking, gate codes, etc.
    • Can call recipient if needed
  • If the recipient is home
    • Follow the safety procedures and social distances practices outlined here
    • Place items on the ground or doorstep (removing them from freezer bags if it's frozen food)
    • Step back and allow the recipient to retrieve the items, while maintaining social distance.
    • Talk story for a minute if you like, if you feel comfortable, snap a selfie and text it to Brett, Landon or
  • If the recipient is not home/unable to answer, call them
    • If they answer but cannot come, ask if they are okay with the frozen foods being left outside, or if there is a neighbor or someone else at home to leave them with
    • If no answer
      • Check notes for any instructions about whether to leave items or not. If no instructions, take the meals with you
      • Look up the recipient’s phone number in the Notes, and call or text them from your regular phone number (if you are comfortable using it), and let them know you’ve moved on.
      • If the recipient calls or texts you back, message your Dispatcher and let them know that you’ll be able to complete the task. They will re-add the task or mark it completed for you. 
  • If you were able to deliver the items, mark the task as Completed, proceed to the next task
    • If you had to leave the items with someone else or left on the doorstep, add a note in the app
  • If you were unable to deliver the items, mark the task as Failed, proceed to the next task. 
    • Add notes about why you were unable


  1. If the recipient doesn’t have SMS/text message capability, this will be noted in the Task Details as “Landline.” In this case, the Drive should call the recipient instead, letting them know you’re on your way. If no answer, leave a message and proceed to the dropoff. 
  2. Onfleet by default uses an Anonymizer to hide yours and the recipients phone numbers. Occasionally it doesn’t work right. In this case, you can find the recipient’s actual phone number in the Notes in your app, and use it directly.