HMHB Delivery Driver Manual

Our Delivery team meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:30AM in the Kukui Center parking lot at 245 N Kukui St. Drivers can stay in their cars and drive up to the entrance, where one of Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies' staff members will help load their vehicle up with produce and dry goods. Once loaded up, drivers then proceed together to the back entrance of La Tour Cafe at 888 N Nimitz Hwy, where they pick up the frozen meals and start their delivery runs. 


  • Drivers
    • Use OnFleet Driver app
    • Complete Delivery Tasks
  • Dispatchers
    • Work from the computer, assign Tasks to Drivers
    • Brett (816) 679-6674
    • Landon (808) 428-1019
  • HMHB
    • Manages relationships with moms
    • Is available to help contact moms, etc.
    • Sunny Chen (949) 302-6920
    • Vivian Choy (808) 429-0933
    • Princess Lei Ebbay (808) 636-7820
  • Recipients (moms)
    • Receives items like frozen meals, produce, cribs 

Basic Instructions

  • Drivers are assigned Tasks by the Dispatcher
  • Driver holds button to start their first Task
    • When this happens, the recipient is automatically sent a text message telling them you’re on their way and an ETA1
  • Driver is dropped into Google Maps and navigated to the location
  • When the driver arrives
    • Check the Notes for any information about parking, gate codes, etc.
    • Can call recipient if needed
  • If the recipient is home
    • Follow the safety procedures and social distances practices outlined here
    • Place items and clipboard (if applicable) in box or bin. 
    • Place bin on doorstep, step back
    • Allow recipient to remove items, sign form, place back in bin
    • Take the bin, return
    • Talk story for a minute, if you have good vibes, snap a selfie!
  • If the recipient is not home/unable to answer, call them
    • If they answer but cannot come, ask if they are okay with the frozen foods being left outside, or if there is a neighbor or someone else at home to leave them with
    • If no answer
      • Check notes for any instructions about whether to leave items or not. If no instructions, take the meals with you
      • Look up the recipient’s phone number in the Notes, and call or text them from your regular phone number (if you are comfortable using it), and let them know you’ve moved on.
      • If the recipient calls or texts you back, message your Dispatcher and let them know that you’ll be able to complete the task. They will re-add the task or mark it completed for you. 
  • If you were able to deliver the items, mark the task as Completed, proceed to the next task
    • If you had to leave the items with someone else or left on the doorstep, add a note in the app
  • If you were unable to deliver the items, mark the task as Failed, proceed to the next task. 
    • Add notes about why you were unable

What to do after you complete all your tasks?

After your shift, you will have a bunch of delivery bags and possibly some extra meals that were unable to be delivered.  

If you plan to volunteer again next week, you can take the bags and clipboard home and bring them with you next week. You can also take any extra meals home if you can make use of them, or leave the extra meals with your final delivery recipient. If you’re unsure or won’t be able to volunteer the following week, please bring the bags and clipboard back to the HMHB office at 245 N Kukui St #102A at your earliest convenience. Please call or text Sunny, Vivian or Princess to let them know when you’re coming by. 


  1. If the recipient doesn’t have SMS/text message capability, this will be noted in the Task Details as “Landline.” In this case, the Drive should call the recipient instead, letting them know you’re on your way. If no answer, leave a message and proceed to the dropoff. 
  2. Onfleet by default uses an Anonymizer to hide yours and the recipients phone numbers. Occasionally it doesn’t work right. In this case, you can find the recipient’s actual phone number in the Notes in your app, and use it directly.