Delivery Driver Manual


Coronacare Hawai‘i’s volunteers fill a few different Roles to help us organize our work and take advantage of people’s different availabilities, skillsets and resources. Our main roles for Deliveries are Drivers, Dispatchers, and the Support Team. 

Drivers use the OnFleet Driver app to complete delivery and personal shopping tasks for our neighbors. All drivers must sign up and view our safety training materials at

Dispatchers are responsible for assigning tasks to Drivers. They work on the computer and are able to view the status of all active drivers and deliveries. During big delivery days, they are on standby and can be messaged in the app to help troubleshoot and handle communications and any issues that come up. 

Our Support Team are the folks who respond to Neighbors emails and phone calls, collect the information needed and create delivery Tasks. They typically work with the Help Scout system, so if you see a link like, this is where the individual originally reached out. 

Onfleet Driver App

After you sign up for Coronacare’s Delivery Driver network, you should receive a text message with a link and temporary password to download the Onfleet app. Onfleet is like an Uber or Lyft app, it works really well and is mostly self-explanatory. Please download it and create your account as soon as you receive the text message, so we can get you set up and assigned tasks ahead of delivery days! 

Onfleet Quirks/FAQ

  • The built-in text messaging and phone feature anonymizes yours and the recipient’s phone numbers. Once you complete that task, you cannot use those features to contact the recipient again. For this reason we typically place the recipient’s actual phone number in the Task notes. If you need it again, you can find it under Task History in the menu.
  • Once you mark a task as “Complete” or “Failed”, you can’t return to it or change the status! However, a Dispatcher can, so message your dispatcher or text them and they can update it for you. 
  • Sometimes Onfleet omits part of the address, i.e. 89 Farrington Hwy instead of 89-125 Farrington. For this reason, we put the full address text in the Task notes so you can find them and try using a different maps application. Worst case you can call the recipient and get further instructions. 

Gas and volunteer miles

We don’t currently have the ability to reimburse for mileage. However, as a (pending) 501(c3) nonprofit, the miles you drive with Coronacare are tax deductible, so it may be worth tracking them. While we don’t reimburse directly for mileage, if the cost of gas might prevent you from performing deliveries, please let us know and we’ll do our best to set you up with a gas card or something similar!

Safety Procedures

Further Resources

Check out the driver manuals for Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies and Personal Shopping.


If you run into any issues during one of your deliveries, call or text one of our Dispatchers