Rent and Cash Assistance

As members of the community, we know as well as anyone how paying for rent, your mortgage, or utilities is one of the biggest challenges during this time. We wish we could help everyone with these payments, but unfortunately, the need is too great and we do not have the financial capacity to give direct cash assistance at this time.

We can, however, help with simpler needs by providing groceries and deliveries, personal protective equipment like homemade masks, and information regarding tenants' rights and how we can stand together to fight for a rent moratorium. We hope that these services can provide some relief for your daily needs and we encourage you to reach out if you think these things may be of help. 

The nature of this crisis is that millions of people are unable to pay their rent. When working people can't work, they can't pay their rent or mortgage. There simply isn't enough money for landlords and banks to get paid the same as if nothing had changed. Our best hope is in working together to demand a rent and mortgage moratorium, so that working people are not forced to suffer the brunt of this crisis. Please reach out to us by filling out our volunteer form or calling us at (808) 460-6095 if you would like to get involved in that fight.